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I, Travis, have been in the tree business all my life.  My dad, David, worked as a logger on the side being a Minister, gave me plenty of opportunities to handle a saw and learn the trade.


We lived in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and I moved to Raleigh to attend North Carolina State University.  I worked in tree surgery and landscape while I was going to school and then married my best friend, Rebecca, from the mountains where I grew up.  She moved to Raleigh with me and Little Squirrels Inc began in 1993.


Newly married and young, we talked about future plans.  I always wanted my own business so I bought a red 78 Ford pickup truck.  It was ugly and old and I had to put a quart of oil in it each day.  Did I mention it was ugly?  Rebecca made flyers and we drove around handing them out and posting them everywhere we could find.  It worked!  We received many calls and we were on our way. Since old Red, we have OBVIOUSLY upgraded.  We enjoy owning our own business and take pride in the quality of the service it is to the Triangle area. Little Squirrels Tree Service took off here in the Raleigh area and we quickly grew. 


We look back on our years and see how every step of our way has been orchestrated. We are very thankful. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We would love to meet you, serve you and your family in any needs you have around the yard. We enjoy meeting new customers and friends.


Travis & Beckie Kiker
and Family


About our name... EVERYONE REMEMBERS OUR NAME!!!!  The business was really picking up and we had yet to decide on one.  We were driving around in "old Red" and brainstorming for ideas.  We needed something that people would remember and enjoy.  Little Squirrels Inc was the final pick!  Our CUTE "little squirrel"  has been printed on hundreds of t-shirts, jackets, business cards, billboards and more!


Kiker family photo 2020.jpg

Family is the core of who we are, Skye and husband Joshua live in the Richmond VA area and we are ADORING our first Grandbaby, Fairen Rose. Stone married his new bride Sarah in Fall 2020. Nevaeh (adopted in 2008) and Legacy (adopted in 2010) are our "little"s that bring us so much delight. Rebecca stays home, teaches the younger two, enjoys the outdoors, and enjoys spending time on our small farm with horses, mini goats, piggies, Jersey cow, and feathery friends.



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